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  • How to choose a password lock for gym?

    Normally we don't assign a locker to each client, in this case we need a special lock that we can change the password after every use.
    There are two options : mechanical code lock and electronic password locks.

    If you look for a mechanical lock for gym, below this lock is definite a good option.
    The advantage of mechanical lock is ①simple desgin ②no need battery supply ③low cost 
    Lock with a master key, when client fogets password, we can unlock with master key directly.
    Code can be easy to changed after every use:
    set a combination at OPEN state----turn the lock knob to lock ----spin the dials to any number----unlock by return dials to your combination.

    If you need a electonic lock,  we have different designs for choose.

    Classical keypad password lock like M002 ,it's classic but popular mode 
    Touch keypad password lock like M005, modern design and accept customization(color/logo)
    Password with card management like M937,multi levels access ways ( master card-management card-management code-user code/user card)


    Please click ELECTRONIC PASSWORD LOCKS for all .

    You may have a qustion that what if client forgets the password ? Since there is no mechanical key.
    Yes , it's electronic lock without mechanical key , but no worries, there is a master code for emergency use.Master code can be changed 

    If you have any questions about our locks , please feel free to contact us.