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  • The questions you may have for RFID cabinet locks.

    A wide range of applications and simplified management, RFID Cabinet Lock is most often selected for lockers/cabinets/drawers.
    It may be found in gym,sauna room, swimming pool,golf course,school,hospital,office etc.

    It's standalone, easy to use,no need software,just program RFID key on the lock with master key.
    Master key can be used to open all locks.

    Our RFID cabinet locks have three working modes in one lock :

               ①. single key mode (unlock with assigned key)

               ②. dual keys mode   (unlock by swiping two key at the same time)

               ③. temporary key mode (lock with any key and unlock by same key)

    You can choose any of it. 

    Q: Do I need a software to program keys for lock?
    A: No,it's standalone, just set up keys on lock with master key.

    Q: Is there a free mode

    Q: What if clients lost their keys?
    A: Open cabinet by master key.

    Q: What if we lost both client key and master key?
    A: There is a mechanical way to open cabinet,please contact with our sales representative for detials.

    Q: What's the power supply of lock?
    A: It's battery powered.

    Q: What's the batteries life?
    A:  8-12 months.

    Q: What if batteries are dead?
    A: There is an interface for external power supply.

    Q: What's the chip type of key?
    A:  Both ID and IC chip are available,please choose either of them accroding to your needs.

    Q: Is any guarantee for your locks?
    A:  Yes, one year warranty.